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This is my Alphonse Mucha tattoo. It was about 3 days old when this picture was taken so it’s not perfect. I’m completely in love with it.

Alphonse Mucha - Summer. A tattoo version on my back. Not the best photo I admit, but I love her!

Art Nouveau style tattoo

This was my bday present to myself.  I had the artist mix art nouveau with some elements of South Florida, where I was initially raised as a kid.

some closeups here: http://jagiv.tumblr.com/post/38122057569/last-tattoo-appt-today-all-done


After a 3 hour sitting, this is my Mucha outline that I modified from his two paintings ‘the Cowslip’ and ‘the Feather’. I overlapped the two, took out a few things that wouldnt translate well into a tattoo and added my sisters names above.
This was done by Jing at Nice Guy Tattoo in Arcadia, Ca.
I’m getting coloring done in two weeks! This is my 8th tattoo and the largest one I have and I love it!! 

Zodiac Quarter Sleeve, by Bryan Langley at Infinity Tattoos in Lynchburg, Va. Wonderfully done in three 4 hour sessions. I plan on getting the mosaic behind it as was on the rendition of this painting on the Whitman’s Chocolate boxes popular in the early 1900’s.



My new tattoo, “Feather” by Alphonse Mucha

Love it!

Final Mucha-inspired work inspired/stolen aboard the Disney Dream cruise ship, Royal Palace dining room.

Another Mucha-inspired work aboard the Disney Dream. Royal Palace dining room.

In the Royal Palace dining room aboard the Disney Dream. Disney and copyright protection. Interesting.

Mucha inspired on the Disney Dream ship. So much for copyright protection, Monsieur Mucha.