Another side of the famous artists 2#

Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha is, again, one of the most significant secession artists. He is also one of the most artistic advertisers (which is obviously not that easy). I believe every girl interested in art knows his magnificently drawn women in the series dedicated to either stars, seasons or flowers. What I wanted to show you though is his designs.

As much as I don’t like secession’s architecture and some of the secession designs, these are purely amazing. Reminds me a little bit of mosaic warning boards in Ancient Rome. What I mean is that the artistic level of the everyday items is unusual - it must have been very expensive though, which is exactly why some designs weren’t made into life (the economic crisis in the thirties…).

jpg source - www.goodart.org

(Source: acucumbersandwich)

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