Alfons Mucha, the main example of the Art Noveau, is of Austrian origin, but his long stay in Paris for his work identifying these lands. He devoted himself mainly to design posters and other utilitarian objects. That is why the art Nouveau was innovative for its time, it was adapted to the circumstances of modern life, using techniques such as woodcut that give that aesthetic highlighted by her flat images, linear, ornamental, away from figuration to become an ornament.

As you can see from the pictures, the art of Mucha is full of female figures, adorned with large exotic flowers, a profusion of details and a special color palette. The lack of volume and shadow in his works make it particularly ideal for tattoos, but this means that the design is flat or boring. The amount of detail and its stylish lines are original, beautiful and the characters are almost goddesses, exalted representations of femininity that have become world famous and have inspired hundreds of people to get a tattoo with his art.

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