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Alphonse Mucha
The complete graphic works
Edited by Ann Bridges
Forword by Jiri Mucha
Contributions by Marina Henderson and Anna Dvoƙák
Harmony Books


*edit* sorry for the repost.  The pictures are better quality now.
The rest of Mucha’s life was spent almost as an anachronism. His work was still beautiful and popular, it just was no longer “new” - a heinous crime in the eyes of the critics. When the Germans invaded Czechoslovakia, he was still influential enough to be one of the first people they arrested. He returned home after a Gestapo questioning session and died shortly thereafter on July 14, 1939. http://www.bpib.com/illustrat/mucha.htm
I find the above quote to be rather sad.  Apparently the stupidity of human nature hasn’t changed that much over the years.  The obsession for originality and everything new still carries on.  And, we are not just talking about some Joe Schmo artist.  We are talking about an artist whose style was so new an entire art movement started shortly after.  But, even with an artist that was so influential, the critics still eventually got bored.  They still demanded something new, and unfortunately, for them, they probably missed out on some very beautiful art.
Sorry for all the Mucha stuff in my last few posts.  I was looking through some of his stuff the other day (he’s a new artist for me.  I’m double stupid when it comes to art history), and I told myself that this was a guy I wanted to study.  Right as I said that, I checked out my online art course, and saw that our mentor chose him for our current master study. :)  So, I’ve been reading up on him, and the more I read, the more I like this guy.  And of course his art is beautiful.