Little Doe


There are certain trends in headwear that I simply can not condone. Those nauseatingly quirky miniature hats stuck on headbands, animal-eared hoods and hats, giant Mini Mouse bows, Lady Gaga’s lobster headdress (hasn’t quite caught on yet).

And then there is Little Doe. Little Doe is a small, handmade brand out of CA creating one of a kind headpieces and hats from both new and antique materials.

Though practically speaking, one might be inclined to question the wearability of many of these pieces (see Little Doe’s online shop for the full gamut), Little Doe certainly succeeds in evoking the organic and ethereal. The breath taking photography of Rylan Perry, the whimsical joie de vivre inherent in the crowns of flora and feathers, and the way the quixotic vibe of it all leaves you pining for distant places and times. It is all together a rather intoxicating visual experience, one that inspires you to seek out some adventure to pair with these very adventurous pieces.

Just as a quick post-script, I thought I would mention the similarity between Little Doe pieces and those belonging to Mucha’s women of mystery…

…and the hauntingly
photographs of

alphonse mucha Little Doe headpieces Evelyn Nesbit

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