Soldiers Dream - Collectable Print by Alphonse Mucha


38” x 23” - Collectable Print

About the Artist / Artwork

  Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939) was a Czechoslovakian Art Nouveau artist who pioneered a sensuous, ornate style replete in stained glass colors, elaborately curving lines and ethereal women. Realizing that living people created the art he admired in churches, Mucha became inspired to paint. Moving to Paris, he was initially the archetypical starving artist, until Sarah Bernhardt asked him to create a poster for the play, “Gismonda.” The life-size poster, which was the antithesis of artistic trends of the day, was a sensation. Bernhardt signed him to a six-year contract, and he became a household name. Mucha’s style experienced an enthusiastic revival in the 1960s, particularly in psychedelic posters .

  This lithographic print was produced in a limited edition of 5000.
  A lithography printing press gives this fine art print its vivid and sharp appearance. The standardized printing plates and proofing process guarantee that each print displays colors precisely as the artist or publisher intended.
  This print is a rare and collectable work of art. As such, it may show minor signs of handling, aging, or original printing defects. It is guaranteed to be in very good condition or better.


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