The Slav Epic by Alfons Mucha finally in Prague!


When Alfons Mucha paint a cycle of twenty wide format paintings named „The Slav Epic“, he gave them to Prague. Alfons Mucha summarized the history of Czech and Slavic people on his paintings. Unfortunately, there held talks about the returning of paintings to the place where they were to remain for many years. Situation has changed since 2011. Prague found the first five paintings initially. They were placed in the Prague Exhibition Palace. The Slav Epic began to exhibit again in Prague since may 2012.

As time passed: The Slav Epic and Alfons Mucha

Alfons Mucha had a wish to portray the history of the Slavs in his collection of paintings. It should become a symbol of their historic journey. The idea had been created at the beginning of the 20th century, but Mucha did not have sufficient funds for realization. Everything changed after the wedding with Marie Chytilova. He found Charles R. Crane, an industrialist in Chicago which decided to pay all the costs for creation of Slav Epic. Mucha returned back to Bohemia in 1910, partly rented the Castle of Zbiroh and become to creation, which he was devoted for eighteen years. He also did not neglect thorough preparation and set out on a tour through Slavic countries for the purpose of studying the facts. In 1928 he finished his work and gave the complete paintings to Prague and to all Czechoslovak population and he wanted to have a special place for The Slav Epic, where may shine its grandeur and importance. The handover took place in the presence of its patron Charles Crane.

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The Slav Epic outside Prague

The Slav Epic should belong only to Prague, but fate had other plans with this collection. The main cause happened during the war period, when the paintings were hiding in two Prague’s places. Unfortunately, the paintings were unable to protect against moisture and they were damaged. Subsequently, they were transferred to the Moravian Krumlov, where local residents restored all the paintings and then on 4th August 1963 they can be re-exposed. The place of exhibition was no longer Prague, but the Moravian Krumlov Castle, where The Slav Epic had been loaned by the City Gallery of Prague. The Slav Epic cycle contains for example paintings: The Slavs in their Original Homeland, The Introduction of the Slavonic Liturgy, The Abolition of Serfdom in Czechoslovekian Rus, Preaching of mister Jan Hus at the Bethlehem Chapel, After the Battle of Vítkov, The Hussite King Jiří of Poděbrady and from Kunštát.

Do not miss a great opportunity to apprize with the major work of the famous Czech painter and designer Alfons Mucha. The Fair Palace in Prague organized an exhibition of Alfons Mucha: The Slav Epic until the end of September 2013. The exhibition can be visited daily, except Monday. It is open from 10 AM to 6 PM.

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